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Logo Iqtedar Jami Talimi school
       Teaching with Wisdom. Empowering with Knowledge.
building Central branch:
(photo on left)
Gulistan-e-Fatima Colony,
Chakri Road,
New branch: 6592 Ali Road,
Akbar Ghauri Town,
Khana East,
051 7118684
0300 5353189

Introduction تعارف

Iqtedar Jami Talimi School is an established private co-education dual-medium day school catering for nursery to matric level students. The school is run under the supervision of Muhammad Iqtedar, Management Sciences, LSE, University of London and Shabana Iqtedar (Principal), M.A. Journalism and C.T.
اقتدار جامع تعليمى سكول  نرسرى تا دهم - انگلينڈ سے تعليم يافته منتظم كے زير نگرانى اور تجربه كار اساتذه -

Distinguishing Features خصوصيات
  • Daily routine of tilawah, zikr and muraqba and weekly bazm-e-adab.
  • A combination of the rigour and discipline of the Pakistani education system and the individuality and creativity of the British education system.
  • Computerised student records.
  • Equal opportunities for all students and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Teaching method based on cultivating understanding and inculcating fundamental concepts rather than rote-learning.
  • Utilisation of a range of supplementary teaching aids and resources.
  • Special learning support programme for weaker students.

Own School Curriculum سكول كا اپنا نصاب تعليم

  • A comprehensive curriculum and holistic approach to education to develop all aspects of being, viz. physical, mental, moral as well as creative and spiritual abilities.
  • Integrated education system stressing inter-disciplinary connections for a gradual but synthesised unfolding of knowledge.
  • Religious education through Dars-e-Quran (comprising of nazira, tajwid, tafsir and hifz), Hamd-o-Na'at and Tasawwuf besides regular Islamiyat lessons.
  • Trilingual curriculum with Urdu, Arabic and English taught from the start (English being taught through immersion).
  • The range of subjects also include Project Work for a thematic study of topics in Geography and History, Art & Craft to encourage creativity and imagination, ICT (Info. & Comm. Tech.) and General Studies covering a range of practical knowledge and skills or Technical & Vocational Ed. (Sec. section).
همارا اداره اعلى تعليمى خدمات كا ضامن رها هے - چونكه والدين اپنے بچوں كے بهتر مستقبل اور كردار سازى كيلئے فكر مند هيں همارا جامع تعليمى نظام روحانى، ذهنى اور جسمانى، دينى، معاشرتى، تخليقى، فنى، سائنسى، مختلف زبانيں، اور صلاحيتوں كى عملى تربيت پر مشتمل هے -

Special School Facilities سكول كى خاص سهوليات

  • Library of books, newspapers, magazines & CD-ROMS
  • Computer network (of Apple Macintosh computers)
  • Clean filtered drinking water
  • School tuck shop
  • School caretaker
  • Tuition Centre
  • Indoor play area

Waseem Kindergarten بچوں كا باغ

Our Kindergarten programme includes a range of activities to provide a solid foundation for further studies at primary level.
چهوٹے بچوں كے ذهنى صلاحيتوں كو مد نظر ركهتے هوے مختلف سرگرمياں ركهى گئى هيں تا كه بچوں كى بنياد مضبوط هو -


Primary and Secondary Sections فريق اول\دوم


Tertiary Section فريق سوم

(for post F.A./F.Sc/A-Level students and adults)
  • Nazira/Hifz-e-Quran
  • 'Ilm al-Tajwid
  • Spoken/Functional English
  • Various computer courses for beginners level to advanced

Computer and Other Educational Services كمپيوٹر سروسز

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