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(A) First day photos (E) Second week photos (J) At the wedding
(O) End of Jan. 2008
(T) At the annual school function
(B) At her nanny's house
(F) Third and fourth week photos
(K) Four months old photos
(P) Six months old photos
(U) Trip to Rawal Lake Park
(C) Posing after a Sunday bath
(G) One month old photos
(L) Eid-ul-Adha photos
(Q) Chakwal Visit
(V ) Miscellaneous April-May photos
(D) Seventh day photos (H) Last days of Ramadan
(M) Last days of the year
(R) School khatam & after
(W) At auntie Robina's wedding
  - (I) Eid-ul-Fitr and after
(N) Early new year photos
(S) Meeting with cousin Mawiyah (X) Family outing in July


(T) At the annual (Khanna East) school function on 19th April 2008

Now listen to me dear children, here is today's schedule, so pay attention

A princess or the school's headmistress, a lovely photo opportunity nonetheless


(U) Staff visit to Rawal Lake Park (Lake View Point) the day after the function (20th April 2008)
Sitting like a lady without my feet touching the grass
Taking a good view of the lake with my father
Enough of the lake, let's have some fun on the jhoole
It's so fun bumping up and down, I'll jump too one day
Those rides were tiring, now let's sit for another

A great day, great sunshine, great picnic, I'm happy

(V) Miscellaneous April/May 2008 photos

Settling in in the new academic year at home is more fun

Now let get serious and get down to business at home

I propose we start on a new project

Taa, this peek-a-boo activity is fun, I like it

Okay, back to discussing more important domestic matters
Summer is here and I'm 9 months now, so let's eat mangoes

(W) At my auntie Robina's wedding in June 2008
Now, let's start the photo session with a nice one of me first
And, yet another in another dress

Ooh, she's making lot's of money isn't she

I hope you're enjoying these days as much as I am

What to say, don't know why that mehndi was a bit tearful

Ah, weddings are fun days, so time for a good laugh

A beautiful dress, a beautiful photo, my father took it of course

With my mother, grandmother and great grandmother after the wedding was over


(X) Family outing to Faisal Masjid and Lok Virsa Museum (18th July 2008) and the days after

With my mother outside the mosque
The children around here are playing, so let's enjoy too
I like water and there's plenty here, whole pools of it

A view of us two outside the mosque

Outside the museum next to a white horse

Sitting on the car roof with my cousin Abiha (21st July)


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